Hybrid Moving

Planning to Relocate? Consider Hybrid Moving

A New Trend in Finding Affordable Movers

Moving is often associated with friends and family pulling together. But when relocating to a new town, you may not have that luxury waiting for you when you arrive at the new place. And, unless you are made of money, the idea of hiring full-service movers with a truck is nice, but possibly out of budget.

For those needing the extra help, hybrid moving might be the answer.
The way it works? You are responsible for the renting of the truck or shipping container. Separately, you hire a specific number of labor-only movers for the hours you need them. The result is a move that combines the budget-friendliness of a DIY move with the ease of a full-service move.

A reliable website for finding these labor-specific movers is HireAHelper.com. There’s even a specific page for those planning to relocate to Albuquerque.

Hybrid Moving Services

There, you can compare the movers by consumer review and/or price. You also learn what licenses and credentials each moving company holds. HireAHelper pulls the top movers for each area it’s movers works in. In the case of Albuquerque, MetroMovers and Bellhops are the highest rated companies in the area.
Ready to learn more about the different kinds of moving? Check out the Moving 101 guide to learn more about prices, time investments, pros/cons, and more!

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